The drafting and negotiation of commercial lease agreements for landlords as well as lessees is a major part of the work of our law firm.

The scope and type of our work differs, depending on the needs of our clients. On the one hand, we draft and keep up to date sample contracts for our landlord and lessee clients. The main focus in this respect is tracking and incorporating current case law concerning the law on general terms and conditions in these sample contracts. On the other hand, we are specialized in the drafting and negotiation of high-volume commercial lease agreements. Given the economic importance and the usually particular requirements of the lessee, these leases are specifically tailored to the rental object and negotiated as individual contracts. Here too, we are active for both lessees and landlords and both draft the contract and accompany the negotiations of the lease
contract in all phases.


Our range of services includes, in particular, the following areas:

Drafting and negotiation of commercial lease agreements, taking into account industry-specific requirements
Examination and optimization of contracts drafted by third parties
Legally secure preparation of rental contracts, including annexes
Preparation and negotiation of supplements