Real estate is always in a relationship to neighboring property.

Therefore, neighbor law is a component of real estate law that is not to be neglected. Project developers and real estate companies are regularly confronted with neighbor law questions. Characteristic for neighbor law is the fact that significant regulations are dealt with in various federal and state laws. Important regulations can be found, in particular, in the civil code, the neighbor laws of the respective states (Bavaria: Implementation Law to the Civil Code AGBGB), as well as in the building codes of the states. In addition, neighbor law has special rules for proceedings, such as the prescribed mandatory out-of- court attempt to settle at a conciliation office as an admissibility requirement for a subsequent action. As a law firm with a real estate law focus, questions of neighbor law are a regular part of our legal advice to clients.


Our range of services includes, in particular, the following areas:

Neighbors’ rights of way
Shared walls and borders
Window and light rights
Fencing and border plantings
Hammer and ladder rights
Noise and odor emissions
Possession claims of neighbors