Legal disputes between landlords and tenants over rights and duties often arise in on-going leases.

In these types of disputes, our law firm represents landlords as well as tenants. Our work is characterized by short reaction times and a goal-oriented counseling approach. After an in-depth examination of the lease agreement, we give our clients a qualified and realistic assessment of legal options and possible risks. On the basis on this assessment, we advise our clients on further actions and firmly support them in the assertion of their rights.


Our range of services includes, in particular, the following areas:

Pursuit of rental arrears
Terminations of lease agreements
Assertion of warranty rights in case of defective rental objects (e.g. reduction, right of retention, damages)
Defense against conduct contrary to contract (e.g. warnings, injunctive relief, extraordinary termination)
Auditing of operating costs statement as well as adjustment of advance installments
Enforcement of repair and maintenance duties
Operating obligations
Competition protection
Enforcement of rent increases, in particular based on indexing or stepped rent