In addition to drafting contracts and counseling clients in the area of tenancy law, legal proceedings are a main focus of the work of our law firm.

We have many years of experience in this area and are known as proven and successful proceedings experts. A significant part of legal proceedings of this respect concerns actions for payment of rent. The main goal here is to obtain an enforcement deed as quickly as possible in order to restore the flow of payments, and if need be, to synchronize this with on-going financing obligations. To the extent that the flow of payment stalls as a result of payment difficulties of the tenant, before initiating proceedings we take into account foreseeable aspects of insolvency law.

Another important focus of our law firm lies in the representation of our clients in actions for eviction. These concern, on the one hand, actions for eviction after the termination for default of payment. The key aim is to obtain a court eviction order, so that our clients can again rent out the property. On the other hand, we are specialized in actions for eviction in respect to termination for breach of duty. Here too, our goal is to quickly achieve by strategic legal proceedings a successful outcome for our client.


Our range of services includes, in particular, the following areas:

 • Actions by landlords for payment
 • Actions for eviction after termination for default of payment or other violations of the lease contract
 • Representation of tenants in defense against unjustified actions for payment
 • Representation of tenants in defense against unjustified actions for eviction