We advise our clients in all areas of real estate law.

On the basis of many years of specialization and experience, we offer, in particular, comprehensive services in the purchase and sale of quality single properties and real estate portfolios. Our services span the legal assessment of all relevant documents before purchase and sale transactions, the form and negotiation of real estate sales contracts, including questions arising in financing, to the legal support of the sales process after notarization of the contract (post-closing). The focus of our consultation lies in identifying possible conflict potentials and to master them in the contractual preliminary stages through careful legal examination and through anticipatory contract drafting, so that the sales process before and after the signing runs smoothly. In addition, we can advise you on all other legal real estate matters, in particular questions concerning financing, land registry, agreements with neighbors, etc.


Legal advice regarding all matters of commercial leases is a core competency of our law firm.

We have been representing large asset and property managers, project developers and commercial tenants in all on-going tenancy law matters for many years. Our work ranges from drafting and negotiating tenancy agreements for both landlords and tenants, legal support in all tenancy law questions during an existing lease to legal representation in connection with the termination of a lease agreement. The main focus of our law firm are legal proceedings concerning tenancy law. Here, we represent commercial landlords in legal disputes with tenants as well as commercial tenants in the safeguarding of their tenancy rights vis-à- vis landlords.


Based on our many years of very successful practice, we are known as proven experts in procedural law.

The starting point of our counseling is a thorough evaluation of the often complex facts, including all economic aspects. On the basis of these facts, we undertake a detailed analysis of the legal position of our clients. Depending on the results of this assessment, we then, in close coordination with our clients, develop a targeted litigation strategy. In doing so, we follow a pragmatic approach. We help our clients to correctly weigh the costs, chances and risks of a lawsuit. If a settlement is in the best interest of our client, we support this option. Otherwise, we pursue the litigation for our clients in court. Here, the convincing presentation of the position of our client vis-à- vis opponents, judges and arbiters is decisive. Our goal is to win the case for our client.


Real estate law and lease matters are regularly closely linked to tax questions.

In all tax law matters, we can rely on a network of specialized tax firms that we have been cooperating with for many years. We also work successfully with our clients’ tax advisors.